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The first step in improving your cybersecurity is understanding your risk of an attack, and where you can make the biggest improvements. A risk assessment can identify where a business is vulnerable, and help you create a plan of action which should include user training, guidance on securing email platforms, and advice on protecting the business’s most information assets. There’s no substitute for a dedicated IT support team but businesses of more limited means can still take measures to improve their cybersecurity. NetChek offers your company the opportunity to have a cyber partner to work with you to protect against the daily threats of malware, corporate espionage, employee sabotage, etc. We help provide IT Consulting, Network Monitoring, and EDR services as well as provide Tech Support if needed. We can offer you a team to monitor the activity on your network to assess, detect and eliminate threats. 

We have a young team eager to continue to learn the constant new changes with today's threats to our technology. Since opening our doors, we’re proud to say that each year we have a bigger list of returning and new clients. Want to experience our expertise for yourself?

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